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The Importance of Maintenance in Your Life

Do we maintain our own health? Some of us go to the doctor for an annual checkup. Is that all? What do you do to maintain your health?
You’re building, managing, leading a company. That organization in which you have invested so much energy and money, are you maintaining it? Or is it falling apart right before your eyes? Why is it falling apart? Well, why did your car fall apart? Why did the life-saving equipment in the Ghanaian hospital fall apart? Lack of maintenance.
May 18, 2020 by Dr. Ichak Adizes

Employees Versus Volunteers

Expecting people to perform just because you pay them is an approach that worked for managing employees who lived through poverty or war, those scared of being unable to bring enough food to the table. They will perform for money, but do not expect them to be motivated. 
May 18, 2020 by Dr. Ichak Adizes

What Should Marketing Be?

For me, marketing is preparing the ground so the seeds can grow on fertile land, and we can eventually have a harvest. Harvest on the other hand is analogous to successful sales.

Why preparing the ground is important?

May 18, 2020 by Dr. Ichak Adizes