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Corporate Lifecycles (Chinese simple)
The Chinese translation of 'Corporate Lifecycles,' by Dr. Ichak Adizes. *Please allow additional time for on demand products*
Corporate Lifecycles (Chinese)
The Translation of Corporate Lifecycles into Chinese. An archive edition from the Adizes library, this is a limited availability item....
How To Solve The Mismanagement Crisis (Chinese)
The Chinese translation of management bestseller The Ideal Executive, with a fresh analysis of profits and growth, translated into Chinese....
Managing Corporate Lifecycles (Chinese)
The up-to-date version of Dr. Adizes' Managing Corporate Lifecycles, translated and designed by Renmin University, has been a great success,...
Mastering Change (Chinese)
The Chinese translation of Mastering Change, 1st Edition.
The Pursuit of Prime (Traditional Mandarin)
"Companies don't have to age or die. They can achieve perpetual vitality-Prime-where they have all the right problems." What are...