SERBIAN: Managing Corporate Lifecycles


In his Serbo-Croatian translation of Corporate Lifecycles Dr. Ichak Adizes carries forward the analysis of corporate birth development and decline pioneered in his 1988 classic Corporate Lifecycles: How and Why Corporations Grow and Die and What to Do About It. Offering many fresh insights and refinements to his powerful tools for enhancing organizational problem solving capability the book is a practical guide for companies on the path to Prime -- the balance of creativity and control required for maximum efficiency. Bringing readers up-to-date on his theory and practice Dr. Adizes presents practical strategies for achieving Prime while avoiding the normal problems of growth. He offers proactive measures for maintaining focus and vision nurturing a climate of mutual trust and respect and avoiding the onset of aging in corporate structures. With Dr. Adizes´ strategies to anticipate and ease the normal predictable problems of growth every organization can reach Prime -- and stay there.

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