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Managing Corporate Lifecycles (Chinese)
The up-to-date version of Dr. Adizes' Managing Corporate Lifecycles, translated and designed by Renmin University, has been a great success,...
Mastering Change (Chinese)
The Chinese translation of Mastering Change, 1st Edition.
Corporate Lifecycles (Chinese simple)
The Chinese translation of 'Corporate Lifecycles,' by Dr. Ichak Adizes. *Please allow additional time for on demand products*
How To Solve The Mismanagement Crisis (Chinese)
The Chinese translation of management bestseller The Ideal Executive, with a fresh analysis of profits and growth, translated into Chinese....
The Pursuit of Prime (Traditional Mandarin)
"Companies don't have to age or die. They can achieve perpetual vitality-Prime-where they have all the right problems." What are...
Corporate Lifecycles (Chinese)
The Translation of Corporate Lifecycles into Chinese. An archive edition from the Adizes library, this is a limited availability item....