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Insights On Policy: Volume 1 (English)
Insights on Policy is a compilation of essays by Ichak Kalderon Adizes PhD. dealing with governmental policy both within and...
Insights On Personal Growth: Volume 1 (English)
I cherish books; I suppose in that way I will always belong to the pre-internet generation. Internet blogs and tweets...
Insights Trilogy: Volume 1 (English)
Adizes Insights are a collected combination of Dr. Adizes' writings; through blogs, articles, lectures and more. Volume 1 of Insights...
Insights On Management: Volume 2 (English)
Dr. Adizes has spent much of the past forty eight years thinking about management. He has conducted research and written...
Insights On Policy Issues: Volume 2 (English)
Insights on Policy Vol. II is the continuation of Dr. Adizes' blog compilation series. This branch of the set expands...
Insights On Personal Growth: Volume 2 (English)
As he traveled the world Dr. Adizes wrote down his personal observations. Hence this book which is the second volume...
Insights Trilogy: Volume 2 (English)
The Insights Trilogy II series includes the second edition of all of Dr. Adizes insights on the topics of Policy...
Insights On Management: Volume 3 (English)
Insights on Management: Volume III collects articles, blogs, and lectures specifically focused on Management and Leadership. With Volumes 1 and...
Insights On Personal Growth: Volume 3 (English)
The Insights Series is a compilation of Dr. Adizes' short stories, articles, and revelations over the years. On Personal Growth,...
The Pursuit of Prime (English)
From its conception, a company struggles to be born. It then experiences the growing pains of infancy and adolescence and...
Empowering Meetings: A How-To Guide for Any Organization (English)
Based on the Adizes Methodology, authors Shoham Adizes and Nir Ben Lavi have created an organized system which allows meetings...
企业生命周期 (Chinese)
一本管理经典,在创新创业的时代背景下,焕发出新的商业智慧。 创业邦、中国创业学院共同推荐的创业圣经。 吴晓波、王玥、徐中倾情推荐。新旧封面随机发货. 爱迪思博士在研究辅导过上千家企业后,写出了《企业生命周期》一书,他以系统的方法巧妙地把一个企业的发展比作一个像人和生物那样的生命体,把企业生命周期分为十个阶段:孕育期、婴儿期、学步期、青春期、壮年期、稳定期、贵族期、官僚早期、官僚期、死亡。爱迪思生动准确地描述了每个阶段的特征,并提出相应的对策,揭示企业发展的基本规律,告知企业管理者和创业者如何判断出现的问题,如何安排结构、人员和制度,以便让组织充满竞争力和活力。书中所写的一个个解决方案,让今天的我们读起来豁然开朗。通过阅读本书,大多数CEO可以从中看到他们自己、他们的公司是如何被生动刻画和描述的。对这一切进行深入研究会让你避免很多类似的失误。