Leading the Leaders


Leading the Leaders: How To Enrich Your Style of Management and Handle People Whose Style Is Different From Yours is not intended to achieve a total personality change in managers; but instead to enrich already existing management styles; to make managers more flexible so they can work more efficiently with different management styles.

“Over a quarter of a century spent in the field of organizational transformation has provided Dr. Adizes with a unique base of knowledge and expertise that floods the pages of Leading the Leaders. His insights cut straight to the heart of what it means to effectively manage and lead others”. —Anthony Robbins, Author, Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power

 If you know your style you also know that your style of communicating is apt to be problematic for the other styles. If you know how it is problematic you can compensate. This is the purpose of the book: How to compensate for your style so you can work with others and how to coach them so they can work with each other.

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