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Mastering Change (e-Book)


Why this book?

Mastering Change was first written in 1992, more than twenty years ago. Since then Dr. Adizes has lectured to more than 100,000 executives, consulted to leaders of countries, and published twenty more books. With this experience he allows has updated Mastering Change, keeping it current and encompassing of the modern Adizes Methodology.

The Basic Premise

With all his travels, lectures, events, and consultations, Dr. Adizes started to realize that he was not teaching only about business; that his philosophy applies to how a country needs to be led, and to family as well as personal life. A universal theory of how to manage change evolved and made the first edition of Mastering Change in need of updating.

When Universities began to teach the Adizes Methodology, so it was time to also make it a textbook Additional content is also found in the Mastering Change Companion Manuals, available through the Adizes Bookstore. The Instructor’s Manual provides questions and answers for a classroom/lecture environment, (Instructors and teachers) while The Participant’s Manual (students and participants) provides questions and room to write in answers.

 “Over forty-eight years, the theory developed—a philosophy—about how to lead change, but it did not remain just a well-developed concept. I have personally applied what I teach and when I succeeded in producing the desired results, I have documented the theory in manuals, taught others, and monitored whether they had the same success in producing exceptional economic and behavioral results. When they did, with over hundreds of companies of all sizes, there was the proof that the methodology is not an accumulation of well-meaning concepts, but a science: The same method can be repeated to achieve the same results. To be sure it is universal, I have opened Adizes offices in multiple countries and compared results. This methodology is independent of cultural and industry bias, and it applies to business as well as to non-profit organizations.” – Dr. Ichak Adizes

Style of Presentation

Dr. Adizes uses the Socratic method of conversation to convey the material because it gives him maximum flexibility to communicate. We hope you find this book easy to read and entertaining, and its teachings worth applying.


Mastering Change is an introduction to organizational therapy. Additional tittles help to complete treatment of the subject, especially Managing Corporate Lifecycles, which discusses which problems are normal and which are abnormal. Conversational and relaxed, Mastering Change applies to a variety of situations, involving business, organizations, or personal relationships. This book that presents the Adizes Methodology for veterans of Adizes, students in the midst of their reading, or first timers interested in Adizes Structure.

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