The Ideal Executive: Why You Cannot Be One and What To Do About It


The premise that Dr. Adizes developed in this book is that the ideal executive does not and cannot exist. (Ideal is the sense that they can fulfill all the roles necessary for the long-and short-term effectiveness and efficiency of an organization.) That is the problem with contemporary management literature: it presents what the executive should do (because that is what the organization needs) even though no one can do it. All the books and textbooks that try to teach us this concept are based on the erroneous assumption that such a goal is possible. We are all barking up the wrong tree spending millions of dollars to train and develop executives based on faulty logic.

The Ideal Executive is the first book in the Leadership Series of three. In this volume Dr. Adizes presents a paradigm shift in management thinking: If no one can be the ideal executive that organizations need, what should be done to avoid mismanagement?

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